Learn how to add Server Side Extensions to a workflow in ILINX 6.0

ImageSource recently announced the release of ILINX 6.0. The new version of ILINX Capture includes a workflow IXM (ILINX Extension Module) that allows a C# programmer to add their own code to the workflow. As a Sr. Systems Engineer for ImageSource, I would like to give you a quick overview of how to setup and add the code so that you can perform this action yourself.

Once ILINX Capture 6.0 is installed, you should find a subfolder under the install folder (c:\Program Files\ImageSource\ILINX Capture) named “Sample Code”. This subfolder contains a zip file that you can use to unzip the contents to a folder on your hard drive. You can then use the provided Visual Studio shell (Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop is free) to open and code/de-bug/build the Server Side Extension. The files listed in the zip file are:

As you can see, there is a solution file that you can open in Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop that will allow you to access the layout for each section listed. When you open this file you will get Continue reading

How to fix an error when configuring Active Directory Federation Services

While recently working to deploy an Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) instance on a Server 2012 system, I ran into an issue. When I tried to do the initial configuration of the ADFS service from the ADFS console, there was an error that said the Windows Internal Database (WID) could not be started. This WID service is required for the ADFS service to function. I have included the text from the error below, which is very simple to fix once you know the root cause. Continue reading

SQL Server Management

In my experience I have noticed that many different companies do not manage their database correctly, or even at all.  I have included a link to the Microsoft TechNet article describing strategies for managing your SQL database.  There are lots of helpful hints pertaining to log management, backup and restore procedures, rebuilding faulty system databases, importing and exporting data, and even copying databases from machine to machine.  This light reading will make you more aware of some possible issues and provide you with basic knowledge of recommended procedures to get the most out of your SQL Server.


Andrew Skovran
Support Engineer
ImageSource, Inc.

Serendipitous Cerebration – Part Next to Last

One of the last hurtles we were presented with during this project was the ILINX Content Store login screen.

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Serendipitous Cerebration (Part 1)

I recently worked on a team tasked with a software integration project that connects invoices from between some Accounting software to ILINX®  Content Store.  The integration software was used for pulling invoice values from both our AP and AR invoices for modifying the image indices for the stored content in ILINX Content Store.

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Installation Hand Off to the Client

As an integrator there are many things we can do as far as making the install a success, but only a very limited amount we can do to guarantee its continuing success. One of the most often seen issues is the handoff of an installation to the client, in particular the maintenance of the database.

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Slowing Down?

For those of you with Enterprise Content Management systems, you know that a lot (if not all) of your data is stored in a database.  A lot of times, performance issues are not a result of your Content Management system itself, rather your database is not tuned properly.

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Issue with Word 2007 Crashing on Vista

Every since I rebuilt my laptop at work to Windows Vista I have been getting intermittent errors when opening Word 2007. I tried to live with it as long as I could BUT I I was finally fed up with it and started to do a little research on the web to see if there was a fix. As I was searching I found a forum that gave me something to try…


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Exchange 2010 Upgrade

As part of our Enterprise Content Management system we are upgrading our Exchange servers to 2010 to better handle our enterprise demands for e-mail content and integrate with SharePoint 2010.  Upgrading from Exchange Server 2003 to 2010 most users won’t notice a huge difference in E-mail performance but where they will notice changes is the new look and feel of OWA (Outlook Web Access) 2010.  OWA 2010 has some great new features such as Conversation view, which allows a user to view the whole chain of responses in one threaded view.   Another great feature that I think everyone will be happy about is that in OWA 2010 all  messages show up on one page, with OWA 2003 the maximum limit was 100 per page, now with OWA 2010 there is no limit no matter how big your inbox is all your messages are on one page.   Also a great feature which we just tested is the function to allow a user to remotely wipe their phone via OWA, so if your phone is lost or stolen you can completely wipe your phone clean of sensitive information.

At ImageSource we represent a variety of software options, our consulting services provide an independent and objective approach. Many consultants use a one size fits all philosophy. Our flexible and proven methodologies allow us to help you define truly suitable solutions for ECM and integration with corporatet office tools.

Will Hart
Support Engineer
ImageSource, Inc.