ILINX Content Store Rocks

ImageSource has created a new distributed Scan, Store, Retrieve imaging system called ILINX® Content Store. Content Store will be demonstrated at the upcoming Nexus® 2010 ECM Conference (Nov 4-5 in Bellevue, Washington

ILINX Content Store provides the means to import images and universal documents that have been indexed and released into a folder from multiple scanning solutions. Documents can also be manually indexed into Content Store from its interface. The system is accessed via a web browser and uses Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation as the user interface. This allows a modern functional interface into the system. Content Store can be accessed from MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

ILINX Content Store is perfect for small to large document storage needs. Imported documents are stored within a database making backup, security, and scalability straightforward.

I’ll take you on a quick tour of the product. We’ve wired up ILINX Capture, an advanced distributed capture solution to scan a document into ILINX Content Store. Advanced versions of Content Store will also provide simple direct scanning mechanism.

First I log in to ILINX Capture using Internet Explorer in order to scan a document. ILINX Capture and ILINX Content Store are running off premises on a company web server so I can access them via the internet.

ILINX Capture Login

Next, I select a scan source and application, scan a document, and then release it to the backend system.

ILINX Capture Scan

ILINX Capture Scan

At this point, I could delegate indexing to another staff member but will do it myself. I select the Index tab in ILINX Capture and open the document, index it, and Complete it.

ILINX Capture Index

ILINX Capture Index

Now the document resides in ILINX Content Store with my index values. I can now go view the document from my web browser. After logging in to ILINX Content Store in Internet Explorer, I choose the application containing my document, enter a search criteria, and execute the search.

Content Store Search

Content Store Search

My document is retrieved and displayed.

Content Store Display

Content Store Display Image

Universal documents such as Microsoft WORD, Excel, etc. display right in the ILINX Content Store interface using the native application. Any document can be opened and viewed if the computer opening the document has the correlating application installed.

Content Store with WORD

Content Store with WORD

ILINX Content Store is an easy to use, streamlined solution for quickly ingesting content using distributed techniques. Come check it out at NEXUS 2010!

Clint Lewis
Senior Systems Engineer
ImageSource, Inc.


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